Professional Digital Services for Equine-related Businesses


I don’t sell SEO packages because I believe in data. The data in this case are the numbers that come from visitors to your website. Without capturing and analyzing all the data your website generates I can’t say how you’re doing and what needs to be improved.

Analytics are more than just how many people visit your website. Once someone finds your site, what do they do? What pages do they visit? How long are those visits? If they click on the Contact page do they actually fill out the form? Are they on a phone or on a desktop or tablet? How did they get to your site?

I like numbers. Over time numbers create patterns and those patterns create opportunities. There are standards for creating a “Google-friendly” website and I make sure those are used, as well as being as ADA friendly as possible. Once your website is out in the wild though, user data should inform the tweaks and improvements that all websites should go through during their lifespans.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to a full website redevelopment, I can install analytics trackers and give you a picture of how people are engaging with your site. It’s always helpful to have a before and after picture. Contact me for more information.


Analytics helps you understand how people find you, as well as what they do when they get to your site.