Professional Digital Services for Equine-related Businesses


You are my heroes.

You get out there every day, no matter the weather, and you clean stalls, feed horses, schedule the vet (or you are the vet!), teach kids how to brush a tail, adults how to overcome their fear, horses how to jump (or rein or counter-canter or turn a barrel…). You talk to people all day and you have an eagle eye over everything that’s happening from before dawn to well after dusk, and then you prep for a show.

Let me be your digital hero.

I totally get it – your website and related social touch-points tend to be very low on the list of priorities on any given day at the farm.

“I meant to do updates last year but I got so busy with shows…”

“My neighbor’s son’s best friend set up my website in 2003 and I haven’t heard from him since.”

“I registered a domain but never did anything with it. I don’t remember where it is.”

I have heard these and more from small and mid-sized businesses my entire career on the Web. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You are (probably) not a web professional. Even with the availability of “drag and drop” website services it can still be daunting as well as time-consuming.

Rather than sell you a bunch of services you may or may not need, let me instead ask how can I help you?

Web Development


Mobile Design